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The Breakthrough Experience

Powerful Solutions to Empower and Inspire Your Life

The Benefits Of The Breakthrough Experience

Dr Demartini Explains how the Breakthrough Experience Will Assist


1.    Deal with relationship challenges:  


2.    Deal with losing a loved one:  


3.    Deal with losing your job or business:  


4.    Deal with a violent or traumatic event:  


5.    Discover your purpose or choose a career:  


6.    Deal with feelings of anger and rage:  


7.  Build your business and manage staff:  





 The Breakthrough Experience Will Assist You To:

• Determine what inspires you most and how that relates to your most viable career
• Determine what your most highest values and your percieved voids that form them

• Master the art of both personal and professional communication (including the art of sales)

• Dissolve tension and build relationships - with your partner, family, friends and colleagues

• Find out how to set congruent goals in realistic time frames to achieve results
• Learn how to apply the Demartini Method to enrich your life
• Dissolve the emotional distractions that hold back your vitality for life
• Learn how to take your power back and expand your influence

• Increase productivity 
• Inspire and empower teams in professional environments
• Appreciate yourself, the people and the world around you
• Earn an income doing what you love


The Breakthrough Experience is one of the most significant and profound teachings I have ever experienced. I have a heightened appreciation of my life and my mission and I know that the tools I have learned will assist me and all who I share these insights with, in awakening even greater lessons that exist in every experience and encounter - V Kelly


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