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The Breakthrough Experience

Powerful Solutions to Empower and Inspire Your Life

The Breakthrough Experience Curriculum

What is covered in The Breakthrough Experience?


Day 1



31 principles of life

Sensory and motor functions

Passive and active components of the human mind

Intention and attention

Feedback systems of physiology, sociology and the mind

Dynamics that attract tragedy, challenge, humbling circumstances and distracting low priorities

The building block of all matter in the Universe

The difference between evolution and revolution

Answers to the four cardinal questions of life

The definitions of fear and guilt

The Hierarchy of Values

The 7 powers in life

The 7 correlating fears that block empowerment

15 Delusions that lead to negativity 

The ABC's of Negativity

The illusions of gain and loss

The scale of consciousness and time frames

Practical application of The Demartini Method®

Perceptions and labels


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Dr Demartini's Daily Update