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Demartini Method Facilitators

Working one on one, private or corporate

The Demartini Method Training Program

Demartini Method Facilitators  

 T H E   D E M A R T I N I   M E T H O D


T R A I N I N G   P R O G R A M


Demartini Star

5 Days Spent Learning How To Transform Lives

You discovered the power of The Demartini Method at The Breakthrough Experience program, now learn how to apply its many uses in all areas of life. This 5 day training program will teach you how to use The Demartini Method, whether you wish to use it for your own self empowerment and transformation or whether you wish to incorporate it professionally in your current career. Some of you may wish to master the process to go on to become Demartini Method Certified Facilitators, if so, then this is your first step on an inspiring journey of empowering others to transform their lives.

Dr. John Demartini will teach you the psychology and philosophy behind each step of the process. You will learn how to process each of the columns and how and when to apply side A+, B- and C of The Demartini Method forms.  You will be able to equilibrate any lopsided perception, neutralise any imbalanced emotion and guide awareness back to a centered, certain state of poise and gratitude. You will be able to transform feelings such as loss, anger, resentment, grief, fear, guilt, Intimidation, depression, mania and low self esteem in minutes or hours rather than days, weeks or years.

This program is a MUST for any person serious about mastering effective and efficient systems for transformation, self development and empowerment.

You will learn how to:
  • Learn the principles and the applications of The Demartini Method
  • Use The Demartini Method to transform and empower lives
  • Dissolve any emotion or any stress causing tension or anxiety in your life or another's life
  • Further understand the science and philosophy behind The Demartini Method
  • Learn how to set up your business, master marketing and grow your client base
  • Learn how to quickly clarify the core issue and manage your time in sessions
  • Know how to deal with challenging clients and dependent clients
  • Gain experience using The Demartini Method working one on one

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 What Others Are Saying

"The Training Program helped me to understand how to use the Demartini Method in my life. I used to get really stuck in my emotions with long periods of feeling blue and although I still react when I am challenged, I now have a tool that helps me alleviate my tension and move through the challenges rather than getting stuck in them.  This is a really valuable tool and has made a huge difference in my life." - Kathy Lake

"Dear John,

After the training event finished on Tuesday, I was having a discussion with the owner of the house where I rented a room. I hadn't really spent much time with her, and it was to my surprise when she started to open up to me about her sadness with regards to the recent loss of her husband, and her hatred for a man that had embezzled 2 million dollars from her business and "messed up her whole life". She was shedding tears as she was talking with me!

Outside of the training program, I have never attempted to take anyone through the Demartini Method. However, on the spot, I asked her if she could get the day off from work, and I would take her through this method and dissolve her resentment, grief and loss! As soon as I said it, I started to get really nervous. I thought, " I have only ever worked with people in the seminar, and John isn't here to help if I get into trouble!" However, with the focus and determination you taught us, I went for it.

It took 4 hours, however by the end of it, this woman was in total tears of gratitude, realised what a great wife she had been to her husband (this is what she was upset about), realised that the man stealing the money from her was the best thing that ever happened to her, and realised that her husband now lives through her children and friends (as she identified all of the missing traits in them). In four hours, she was a totally new woman, lost for words at the transformation she had undergone.

I have been doing coaching work for nearly 20 years in some form or another, but never in my life have I personally experienced anyone having a turn around to such a degree in such a short time. She emailed me the next day thanking me for getting her on the path to her new life. Having been my first day out of the conference, I was really blown away by this experience. It has given me a deeper understanding of the value of this work, and a real confidence to help people with it. I am starting to understand the tremendous value I received in coming, and can now share with others.

I just wanted to share this with you and to say thanks so much for the wonderful program.

With love and gratitude,
Sridhar Krishnamurti "

 Benefits of Attending More Than Once

Watch as one attendee explains why he comes back year after year, what he gains from repeating the program, how he helps and gives advice on helping clients who aren't ready to be helped.

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