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Feedback From Around The World

People from around the world have shared their feedback regarding their experiences from attending Dr Demartini's programs. If you would love to add your testimonial to below please click here.


Please tell John he has been a wonderful influence on my life. I met him briefly in New Zealand when I was at a very low point. Thanks to his ideas  I am now living the life of my dreams,,, I have transformed my life and am living on my yacht and travelling the world with online businesses and my ideal partner. Currently in the Tuscan Islands in Italy. He has been a key to my success so please tell him thank you!

"I met Dr John Demartini eight years ago when he became my client. Retrospectively, what I actually got was a ‘Gift from God’.  Working with him translated into an education that’s too great to measure, too priceless to price and too valuable to value.  

Dr Demartini’s profound knowledge on universal laws and human behaviour could be described as one of the world’s best-kept educational secrets. Those fortunate enough to have discovered the ‘secret’ of his teachings are now blessed with an intrinsic understanding on the most significant subject on earth – ourselves.
Embarking on the ladder of his illuminating and hierarchical programmes is a journey of light-bulb moments that peel away the blinkered and ingrained illusion of an imbalanced existence. It’s replaced with a life-long and empowering perspective that could only be described as liberating.

I started this educational path in my forties and so wish I had been exposed to it earlier.  I can’t claw back those years but I can urge anyone reading this to not waste one more of theirs without this invaluable education, taught by a man who, in his field, is a genius."

Tracy O'Brien, Publicist
Being introduced to Dr. Demartini’s Value Determination Process has been one of the biggest aha moments in my life. What he teaches is so simple and yet so profound and the ripple effect so vast that I just cannot understand why this is not taught in schools around the world. It helped me to gain an understanding of what inspires me and why, what to do for a career, how to communicate effectively with people, how to set goals that I actually achieve, how to build my wealth, how to be adaptable to life’s challenges and I could just go on and on about the multiple benefits. If you don’t know your values you are held back from your own productivity and success! Knowing your values is your 101 to living an inspired and empowered life.
Rob Murdoch
“All of Demartini should be a compulsory subject in school. It would ‘solve’ a lot of lives.”
William Chinion
‘May I take this opportunity to state that Dr Demartini is by far a leader in the field of behaviour modification and transformation. There is a genius among us whos time has come to change the world.'
Dr P. Wolodymyr Mulyk

‘Dr Demartini's relentless quest for sharing knowledge through wisdom and inspiration enriches my soul. I am honoured that an individual of his caliber is so inspired and willing to make a difference in so many lives. Thank you John, for pursuing your vision and mission to empower others through educating and the gift of life-long learning.'

Shereen Dindar
"You are a remarkable man. Your teachings have inspired me to live the work as you yourself do, I do the Demartini Method on nearly every event that occurs in my life."
Heath Dockary
"In addition to the personal healing I have learned a great deal about cognitive doors to emotional healing. Your Demartini Method is a much faster and more effective door than I imagined."
Scott Arbuthnot
"This is the most powerful process I have ever experienced! After completing The Demartini Method I felt nothing but pure gratitude. I would recommend this process to anyone who is ready for healing. Thank you!"
Yolanda Bradford
"The Demartini Method is an incredible, inspiring and useful tool that most certainly should be further integrated into the academic field of Psychology."
Estelle Zietkiewitz
"I can guarantee John's techniques, ideas, insights and challenges. He'll take you to the next level. Dr Demartini is one of the all-time great and inspiring teachers, speakers, writers and leaders. I love learning from this wise man who is becoming cosmically conscious. All want to sit at his feet like Plato did Socrates."
Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul
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